Benefits of Free Distribution of Buddhist Sutras

Those who contribute to printing buddhist sutras for free distribution will

1. Be granted penalty mitigation if they committed minor sins while their grave sins will be lessened 

2. Be usually saved from calamities of infectious diseases, flood, fire, robbery, war, imprisonment by Devas.

3. Do not have to suffer revenge of enemies in previous and present lives.

4. Not be certainly harmed by Yaksas or other kinds of devils, poisonous snakes and tigers.

5. Achieve a peaceful mind, refrain from exposure to danger and experience of nightmares, maintain their physical and mental health and gain considerable advantage in the job.

6. Receive the full blessings: live in comfort, enjoy long-term prosperity and a harmonious family life although they do not wish for them.

7. Receive warm welcome and utmost respect wherever they go. Their words and actions will be fully appreciated by Devas and humans.

8. Become wise in case of being ignorant, become healthy instead of being chronically sick, become prosperous in place of being miserable, attain the body of men in the next life rather than being women now.

9. Never fall into evil paths and be reborn in a better world, improve their appearance, be significantly more intelligent than the common and have a better fortune.

10. Obtain abundant well-deserved rewards, be escorted to the Buddha Amitabha's Pure Land in the next incarnation and be imparted dharma talks thereby increasing their wisdom, attaining six transcendental powers by self-efforts and reaching their climax in Buddhahood. This comes from their boddhi mind of sowing the seeds of Compassion in the human world.

In addition, all the above should take pleasure in practicing almsgiving and making offerings to The Three Jewels. Therefore, their merits grow more tremendously and calamities will be warded off.

Translated into English by Mr.Nguyen Xuan Thanh.