Five-star Real Estate Trading Joint Stock Company Taking Practice At Hoang Phap
In the afternoon of August 5th, 2019 (July 5th, LC), over 50 staffs belong to the Five-star Real...
The Ullambana Ceremony of Pious Gratitude at Tieu Dao Pagoda in Quang Ninh Province
On August 4th, 2019 (lunar July 4th, the Pig Year) Tieu Dao Pagoda (Ha Khau, Ha Long, Quang Ninh)...
One-Day Practice
On August 4th, 2019 (June 4th, LC), devout Buddhists from ins and outs HCMC came to Hoang Phap for...
One-Day peaceful cultivation at Tieu Dao Pagoda in Quang Ninh Province.
Good men and believing women Buddhists came to Tieu Dao Pagoda (Ha Khau, Ha Long, Quang Ninh) to...
The first Buddha Dharma competition at Dong Cao Pagoda
Dong Cao Pagoda (Nga Yen, Nga Son, Thanh Hoa) held the first Buddhist Dharma Contest for more than...
Offering to the summer retreat schools in Dong Nai and Cu Chi
On July 31st, 2019 (Lunar June 29th, the year of the Pig), Junior Ven. Thich Tam Hue, Junior Ven....
Repentant Ceremony
On July 31st, 2019 (June 29th, LC) devout Buddhist from in and outside HCMC came to Hoang Phap for...
How Do I Work with My Fear of Other People’s Anger?
You can’t stop people from being angry at you, advises Insight Meditation teacher Gina Sharpe, but...
One-day Reciting the Buddha's name at Dong Cao Pagoda
Buddhists inside and outside the district gathered to Dong Cao Pagoda (Nga Yen, Nga Son, Thanh Hoa)...
Good morning Master!
Everyday, after the morning ceremony period, brothers from Dorm 1 gather in Master’s room for...
The Opening Ceremony of six-Harmony Camp of the Eighth time of Buddhist families in Binh Phuoc Province.
On July 20th, 2019 (lunar June 18th, the Pig Year), the Buddhist Guidance Board (Binh Phuoc) in...
Photo Collection of Summer Retreat 2019
Following are the recorded photographs of Summer Retreat 2019.