Sowing conditions of leaving-home on the Buddha's birthday season 2019
On the occasion of the Vesak celebration of the United Nations 2019, Hoa Phuc pagoda (Hoa Thach...
Repentant Ceremony April 14TH, 2019
On May 18th, 2019 (April 14th, LC), devout Buddhist from in and out of HCMC presented at Hoang Phap...
Celebrating the great ceremony of the Buddha’s Birthday at Tieu Dao Pagoda
On evening May 16th, 2019 (Lunar April 12th, Pig Year), Tieu Dao pagoda (Ha Khau ward, Ha Long...
Buddha’s Birthday Ceremony at Can Mon Pagoda
In the happy atmosphere celebrating the birthday of Prince Tat Dat Da, on 12th, May 2019 (08th of...
The Retreat "The happiness of participants on the Buddha's Birthday"
Harmony with the atmosphere to welcome The Great Ceremony of Vesak United Nations is joyful all...
Giving gifts to primary schools
With the meaning of sharing joys of the Buddha's disciples to everyone, every home, especially to...
Giai Lam Pagoda organized Vesak
In the evening of May 9, 2019 (April 5th, Pig Year), the Buddhist Director Board in Ha Tinh...
The comfortable retreat at Tieu Dao pagoda - Quang Ninh
On May 5th, 2019 (lunar Apr. 01st, the year of the Pig), Tieu Dao pagoda in Ha Long City, Quang...
The Golden Plate
Greed and Honesty
Fulfilling Concrete the Multifunctional Building’s Roof
The 7th retreat of “Study of the Buddha's Practice" at Dong Cao pagoda in Thanh Hoa.
April 27th to May 1st, 2019 (lunar Mar. 23th - 27th the year of the Pig), Dong Cao Pagoda (Yen...
Dharma Talk “The Buddha’s Core Teaching” – The 91st Seven-Day Retreat
In the morning of April 27th, 2019 (March 23rd, LC), Ven. Thich Tam Thuc had a Dharma Talk to the...