Abbot Appointment Ceremony of Bon Pagoda – Nghe An
On Nov. 18th 2021, Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh and the monks of Hoang Phap Pagoda came to Bon...
Flower-Candle Light Night of celebrating the Buddha Shakyamuni enlightenment
In infinite blissing, more than 1,000 Buddhists everywhere returned together under the Hoa Phuc...
Attending the floral candle light ceremony on the Shakyamuni Buddha's Attainment Day at Bang Pagoda - Ha Noi
In the evening of Jan 19th, 2021 (Dec 07th, lunar calendar), Bang Pagoda (Linh Tien pagoda) and...
Three-Jewel Refuge Ceremony at Tay Khanh Pagoda in Thai Binh
Nearly 300 male and female believers gathered at the lecture hall of Tay Khanh pagoda in Thai Binh...
Preaching dharma at Bang Pagoda, Hanoi
On the morning of Jan. 19th, 2021 (Dec. 7th, year of the mouse), all Buddhists of the Phap Hoa...
The inauguration ceremony of Buddha Shakyamuni statue 42m at Phuc Lac pagoda, Nghe An
On the evening of January 17th, 2021, Phuc Lac Pagoda in Nghe An province held the inauguration...
Introducing a new publication: The 10-Year Path of Flower Candle Light Night of celebrating the Buddha Shakyamuni enlightenment
The 6th Retreat "I have returned" at Dong Cao Pagoda, Thanh Hoa, Dong Cao
Dong Cao Pagoda (Nga Yen, Nga Son, Thanh Hoa) organized the 6th Retreat "I have returned" (from...
The 5th Youth Retreat
Nearly 300 young people aged 12-16 years old returned to Hoang Phap pagoda to attend the One-day...
One - Day Practice
On Jan. 17th, 2020 (Dec. 5th, Year of the Mouse), Hoang Phap pagoda held One-day Practice for all...
The 2nd Program "Ring the Pagoad Bell"
With the heart to bring the Buddha's teachings to instill Buddhists, apply them in everyday life,...
Introducing New Publication: GIFTS FOR TET 2021