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Witnessing Buddhism Wedding Ceremony in Dak Lak Province

Update: 19/01/2018
Dak Lak is a highland province where Buddhism is growing day by day. For that reason, Buddhism is approaching closer and closer to people"s lives. With the aspiration to introduce Buddhism, prajnaa boat, to local people to help them have happy life in present and mindfulness in future, Most Venerable Thich Chau Quang, Head of Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation in Dak Lak, has launched many helpful campaigns to support local people. Buddhism wedding ceremony is one of those.

Witnessing Buddhism Wedding Ceremony in Dak Lak Province


Hence, on Jan 18, 2018 (Dec 02, lunar calendar), based on the invitation of the Dangs (Mr. Dang Thanh Danh and his wife Mrs. Nguyen Thi Trinh), Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh came to Thuan Hieu Pagoda in Hoa Tien commune, Krong Pac district, Dak Lak province, to witness a Buddhism wedding ceremony of young couple groom Thanh Tam and bride Tran Thi Ngoc. As devout Buddhist, people would like to have mentoring from clergy people and blessings from Buddha in ten directions in important events, especially marriage. This is an important fact for people setting up new family with the spirit of self-reliance heading toward the true-good-noble life. Buddhism wedding ceremony is a chance for young couple listening to Buddha’s teachings in Sigalovada Sutra from clergy people regarding how to be good wife, husband, daughter in law, son in law and parent-to-be.

After wedding rites, Hoang Phap Pagoda sent 300 gifts to the devote Buddhists in the ceremony.

Following are recorded photographs:

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