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Ullambana Ceremony for Vietnamese in Korea

Update: 15/08/2016
Another autumn has arrived to the Vietnamese, who were busy in their work staying far away from motherland, harmonizing its beats with the hearts yearning for home. Amid the nostalgic ambiance of yellow leaves falling under the crystal blue sky, the dutiful Buddhists cannot help immersing themselves into missing the great love and care they had in parents’ arms. This shared bittersweet feeling happened to gather the Vietnamese who were working and studying in Korea in general and Incheon City in particular at this year’s Ullambana Ceremony, a meaningful Buddist occasion which took its attendants to the realest and most significant emotional vibrations.

Ullambana Ceremony for Vietnamese in Korea


On August 14th , 2016 (on July 12th, Lunar Monkey Year), Venerable Sen. Thich Chan Tinh accompanied by monks and Buddhists officially organized the Ullambana Ceremony for Vietnamese Buddhists at Duoc Su pagoda, Incheon city, Korea.


It was the first Ullambana Ceremony celebrated for Vietnamese living in Korea. Most Buddhists came to the pagoda early for such an important celebration. Besides, the ceremony also had the presence of Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh, monks and Buddhists at Medicine Buddha pagoda as its witnesses.


At due 10:30 a.m. (local time), in the worshipers’ solemnity, Buddhists clasped their hands together in adoration to the Buddha’s divine name and to welcome the monks’ entrance with respects. After the pray to Buddha for family protection, the inauguration speech and the warmest welcome were given to the distinguished guests as well as the Buddhists present at the ceremony, followed by the ritual of offering flowers respectfully to the Buddha. The ceremony went on with Buddhist My Ha Thi Luu (religious name Tue Tam) reading the message behind the rose brooch pinning ritual. The Ullambana Ceremony was the chance for young people, especially who live away from home, to give their gratefulness as well as appreciate the love from their parents. Despite living far away from home now, Vietnamese people still give their faithful love to their parents in Vietnam.

Subsequent to the speech was the ritual pinning rose brooch ceremony on the accompaniment of the touching song “Bong Hong Cai Ao” (or ‘Rose for the heart’). Known as the symbol of love, these roses were tenderly pinned onto the Buddhists’ shirt’s front whether they had relied on the Buddha’s Gate or not. Besides the upmost happiness of those who still had their parents with them in this life, there were tearful faces of sons and daughters whose parents could only watch their every step from heaven.

In the room filled with profound appreciation for boundless, indefinite parental love, the whole multitude kneeled up for the ritual of thanking the 10 great favours from parents. Moving on with this emotional flow, Buddhist Thuy Dung expressed herself on this special Ullambana, resembling a sincere confession from a daughter on a foreign land to her endeared parents. What she revealed also spoke up for the most divine feelings which people seeking fortune abroad are holding in their heart when this significant occasion comes.


The course of the ceremony went on with the robe-offering ritual. As a person’s fate gets enlightened with the help of Buddha, today’s Buddhists follow the life of Mahamaudgalyayana, the dutiful son in “The legend of Ullambana” and also a disciple of the Buddha. To show the gratefulness towards his teachings, representatives from the practice site respectfully offered the gifts to the monks in peace.


After the speech of offering from Buddhists, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh on behalf of the monks took the ritual’s offered gifts. Taking this special occasion, Senior Venerable also had a few words with the attendants of what should be fulfilled as the duties of a Buddhist and a son/daughter.


First, Venerable Sen. Thich Chan Tinh applauded the learning spiritual of community here. By the way, he shared the story of monk Mahamaudgalyayana whose life related to this festival with the multitudes. Actually, this was the meaningful and incisive story which is also the origin of the Ullambana Ceremony. Through the story, Venerable Sen. Thich Chan Tinh reminded the multitudes of responsibility of each family member. Especially, when we have taken refuge in the Buddha's disciples, we should take more efforts in the practice of filial spirit. As the future was handed down to us from our ancestors with hopes, we should make them proud by learning to be accomplished inheritors. Moreover, under no circumstances should we forget the duty to preserve and develop Vietnamese spiritual beliefs from the perspective of a filial Buddhist.


Putting an end to his words, Sen. Venerable Thich Chan Tinh gave his deepest gratitude to the venerables of Duoc Su pagoda for the presence as well as for the successfully organizing this Ullambana Ceremony for Vietnamese community. Hence, he also sent best wishes to the Buddhists here.


To take part in the ceremony, there were the young singer Uyen Nhi with the song “Noi Buon Me Toi” (My mother’s unsaid sadness), monk Tam Tuong performed “Nuoc Mat Me Hien” (My mother’s tears) through Saxophone, monk Tri Thong played flute for the song “Long Me” (Mother’s heart), and monk Tam Truong performed the song “Tinh Cha” (Father’s love).


In the evening, Venerable Sen. Thich Chan Tinh and monks did the chanting ritual and recited Ullambana Sutra. After chanting, Sen.Venerable  Thich Chan Tinh helped the multitudes take refuge in the Three Jewels.


 Afterwards, there were some musical performance including young singer Uyen Nhi with “Con Thuong Rau Dang Moc Sau He” (I still love the bitter vegetables at the backyard), dancing part of Thuy Dung and Thanh Nha the song“Gap Me Trong Mo” (Mother in the dream), and the song “ Vu Lan Nho Me” (I miss my mother at Ullambana ceremony) sung by Ms My Phuong.


Following are some recorded photographs:



The Ullambana Ceremony


Chanting Ceremony


Taking refuge in the Three Jewels


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