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Three Buddhism activities in one day at Colorado - United States

Update: 12/09/2016
On Sep 11, 2016, the Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had three Dharma talks to Vietnamese Buddhists in the state of Colorado, USA.

Three Buddhism activities in one day at Colorado - United States


In the morning, the Venerable lectured at Quang Minh Pagoda with the topic of 4 kinds of people mentioned in Samyutta Nikàya Suttra.The first kind is the ones coming from darkness to darkness, the second kind is the ones coming from darkness to light, the third kind is the ones coming from light to darkness and the fourth kind is the ones coming from light to light. Via Buddha’s teaching, we can see the level of happiness and devotion in our lives depends on our efforts instead of the behaviors of begging or dependence on any spiritual power from outer world. All the sufferings or joys in our lives have the strong link to our thoughts, words and deeds. As a result, those who practice good deeds will enjoy peaceful happy life and vice versa.

In the afternoon, the Venerable visited the Buddhism Academy Bodhidharma whose abbot is Superior Monk Thich Tri Vien. In warm brethrenhood, Ven. Thich Chan Tinh sent his greetings to the abbot and the sangha and intimately shared the story of the 4 wives as a Dharma gift to the Buddhists as following:

* The first “wife” is our karma that we often neglect while busy running after money, status, fame and wealth. However, this “wife” will follow us in a very long term.

* The second “wife” is our family and friends who will leave us when we die regardless how close the relationship is.

* Wealth and status is the third “wife” who is ready to follow others after our death.

* The fourth “wife” is the body of ours, regardless how much we care or love her, she would leave us at the expiry date of our lives.

Via this story, the Venerable would like to recall Buddha’s teaching in Anguttara Nikàya: "we are the owner and also the beneficiary of our karmas which are our future, our relatives and our shelter. Good/bad karma will create the sweet/bitter fruits onto our lives". Karma is reason for the work of cause and effect rule and rebirth. Karma is the intentional acts of body, speech, and mind which lead us to the loop of samsara in kalpas. Hence if we would like to get the deliverance, we should end doing all the bad karmas from now on and transform all the past bad karma to the good ones, with the support of our body, speech, and mind. That is the point of Buddhism practice. The outer activities, rituals, praying for favor … cannot bring us to the Enlightenment.

In the evening, the Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had a Dharma preaching for lay Buddhists at Vietnam Bay restaurant whose owner is Buddhist Phap Vi. There, the Venerable shared about “Meditation on the Gods” (Devatānusati)including"Trust, morals, literating, charity, wisdom," in the Ekottarikāgama Sutra.

* Trust means the profound belief in Triratna – Buddha, Dharma, Sangha. Trust means believing in Buddha teachings - the Path to happiness and liberation, believing in Sangha - a pure and harmonized community and believing in Triratna, the light of the world. Deep trust in Triratna is the first step on the Path to the deliverance.

* Morals, the fundamentals of virtue, can help practitioners live in peace and happiness. Virtuous practitioners can help others living their lives with morality.

* Literating means the diligent learning sutra/ Dharma which can wonderfully heal sufferings in life and transform evils into goodness. Those who eagerly learn Dharma are the ones going on the right Path while those who help others understand the true teachings are good and virtuous friends. They can help us to be aligned with “Meditation on the Gods”. Practitioners should be close to this kind of good friend to study and develop their minds instead of rich, powerful and successful friends in secular world.

A day of Dharma preaching in Colorado has been ended in the joys of all.
Following are the recorded photographs:

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