Summer Retreat

The third day of summer cultivation retreat – living experience and living lesson.

Update: 09/07/2015
For each of long trip or journal we all get interesting living lesson. That is the lesson of facing suffering and unhappiness before life, the lesson of healthy and wholesome life or more upper is expressing the loving kindness to the unfortunates.

The third day of summer cultivation retreat – living experience and living lesson.


In the Summer During the Cultivation Retreat 2015, besides\r\nthe monks’ useful teaching, students also received living profound experiences\r\nfrom invited guests of Dharma Talk program of “Buddhism and the young people”\r\nwith topic “With all your heart” organized on July 09, 2015.

In the morning, all students listened to the Dharma talk of\r\n“Bitter and weariness of people”, by Sen. Ven. Thich Quang Thien, lecturer of\r\nAdvanced and Intermediate Buddhism School in Ho Chi Minh city and Dong Nai\r\nprovince.

Everyone has gone through different stages of life. During\r\nthat journal, we sometimes meet a lot of trials, difficulties which is called\r\n“bitter-drops” of people. The failure and success; betrayal and loyal,\r\nsuffering and happiness are something which people all have to suffer. The\r\nimportance is how to get over and how to avoid in the best way. You all must\r\nown yourself in some weak cases, take self-assessment your value to get the\r\nbest choice. A hurried life can bring about some unfortunate mistakes,\r\nespecially in sentimental matters. The clear-sighted and clear-headed in mind\r\ncan help us break out suffering causes for ourselves and others.

In the afternoon, the program of Buddhism and the young\r\npeople, with the topic “With all your heart”, students had a chance to meet\r\nthree famous figures in the field of art: MC- comic actor Tran Dai Nghia,\r\nsinger – actress Ngo Thanh Van, Miss Vietnam Truong Thi May. The guests’\r\ninteresting stories gave  useful lessons to the young people about\r\napplying Buddha’s teaching to living to get the best result in present and\r\nfuture. Namely, we must respect the all sentient beings’ living to keep the\r\nhappy mind and avoid bad result in the next life, from which body and mind are\r\nalways in happiness. That is the vegetarian story of Truong Thi May. In addition,\r\nwhen applying Buddha’s teaching to living we should do it flexibly, from which\r\nbest effects are attained; that is the sharing of Tran Dai\r\nNghia.  And the story of singer Ngo Thanh Van about the unfortunate\r\nlives as well as the way how to spread loving kindness to everyone, causing\r\npeople to be moved. The lesson of gratitude for parents and the key how to get\r\nesteem from everyone also shared from the guests.

To summarize all sharing matters, Sen. Ven. Thich Chan Tinh,\r\ndirector of this program, had some comments of taking vegetarian, applying\r\nBuddha’s teaching to living, meaning of nonprofit programs… From this,  all\r\nstudents can get useful lessons along with the new awareness in approaching and\r\napplying Buddha’s teaching. At the same time, this program also addressed a\r\nmeaning message“Hoping that  in life  everyone does even\r\nvery small thing but with all their heart and fully”.


 The attending of singer Giang Hong Ngoc with the three\r\nof songs: “If only one day to live”, “The stork”, “I’ll live for mother” ended\r\nthe program.


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