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The Semi-Final S-Buddhists Game Show– Sumer Retreat in 2014

Update: 19/06/2014
The specific content, form impression, and various categories are the main features of the semi-final S-Buddhists game show from the summer retreat for students in 2004.

The Semi-Final S-Buddhists Game Show– Sumer Retreat in 2014


Before entering the semi-final of game show, as usual, the\r\nmorning is the Drama talk. On this day, they listened to exciting information\r\nfrom Most Venerable Thich Thai Hoa, a preacher with extensive experience in the\r\nteaching of Buddhism, an commentator, a practitioner of Buddhist disciplines, a\r\npsychologist as well as a writer, a poet pen-named Tue Nghiem.


On the theme “Youth and Love”, he shared with all students\r\nthe Buddha’s teaching on this topic because our existence in this life have the\r\nlove, which may be the couples’, blood relation’s, the country’s. In order to\r\ngain To have a beautiful, pure and noble love we need to listen, extend\r\ncompassion, tolerance, and forgiveness.


The semi-final S-Buddhists officially occurred in the main\r\nlecture hall in the afternoon. The program especially greeted the presence of\r\nthe nun Thich Nu Huong Nhu, a lecturer Vietnam Buddhist Institute in Ho Chi\r\nMinh City with position is examiner.


After the 1st stressful competitive round with over 500\r\nsubmissions sent and dozens of music events registered to participate in the\r\ncontest, 10 best impressive items were selected for the final round.


Accompanied with the joy of the students, the appearance of\r\ntwo MCs Thao Nguyen and Viet Hung makes the atmosphere become more attractive, vibrant,\r\nand hotter".  Ten competing performances had in turn presented with\r\nall the efforts of the candidates. Many categories were selected to perform\r\nsuch as solo, duet, dance, comedy, calligraphy etc. Contributing to this\r\nprogram was singer Ngoc Mai with meaningful song "I apologize you, Mum and\r\nDad!" (poem: Thich Chan Tinh, music: Ha Mai Tan).


The semi-final brought many interesting, exciting and\r\nmeaningful things for the youth in this summer retreat.


 Following are some recorded images: 


Most ven. Thich thai hoa had a dharma talk to the young\r\nstudents



2ND ROUND: Gameshow S-Buddhist


1st Item: "The Youth Again" Song

Candidate Hong Ngoc


2ndIitem: Lecturing in English
\r\nTopic: "Father"
\r\nCanditate Hoang Yen


3rd Item: Lecturing
\r\nTopic "Thank you!”
\r\nCandidate Dam Thi Trinh


4th Item: Solo singing 'Mother's diary'
\r\nCandidate: Hieu Toan

MC Thảo Nguyên


5th item: A play “A Mother”
\r\nCahdidate group: Bich Thao

Singer Ngoc Mai performs the song: “I Apologize my Parents”


6th Item: Solo singing“Seeding the Youth”
\r\nCandidate Dinh Tri


7th Item: A Play “Tam Cam”
\r\nCandidate group : Tuyet Nhi


MC Việt Hùng

8th Item: Indian Dancing
\r\nCandidate group: Hong Phuc


9th Item: Solo singing “Mum’s Lullaby”
\r\nCandidate Thao My

10th Item: Calligraphy
\r\nCandidate Dang Quy

Translated by Nguyen Xuan Tich.

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