The affair‘s preparation greeting the Vesak’s Day.

Update: 09/05/2014
In harmony with the merry atmosphere of the Vesak in 2014 , which takes place in the country, recent days, the Sanghas and Buddhists of Hoang Phap Pagoda have had early preparations for this important event.

The affair‘s preparation greeting the Vesak’s Day.

The greeting activities to the VESAK’s ceremony started from early Lunar April.\r\nUp to now, later steps of preparing affairs have nearly finished. All paths\r\ninto the pagoda are colorfully decorated with flags, gonfalons, etc, for\r\ncelebrating the Buddha-Birthday. This year, the Buddhism committee for\r\nreligious affair in Hoc Mon district officially chose Hoang Phap pagoda to the\r\nmain rostrum. So, the design and executing is quickly implementing for rapid\r\nserving the great ceremony.

Following are some recorded images:


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