Ten Benefits of Buddha Recitation

Update: 18/07/2007
Mantra of Cloud-of-Compassion Repentance said: “In three worlds of Great Masters, the thousand of honored fathers, taking refuge on Him won’t be in guilty, respecting Him will get blessings. Those were completed in all sutras. If being taken in Triratna refuge, constantly reciting Buddha’s name will attain ten benefits:

Ten Benefits of Buddha Recitation


1.All devas, invisible greatly powerful ones protectors during day and night.

2.Being often protected by 25 Bodhisattvas such as Bodhisattvas

3. All Buddhas often do the supportive recitation day and night, in which Amitabha frequently emits rays of light to support this person.

4. All of demons, yaksa, and Rakshasa can’t do harm; venomous snakes, poisons can’t disserve, either.

5. Being never killed by watering, firing, robberies, knives, arrows, cangue and stocks, prisoning, sudden death.

6.That guilty accidentally created in the past will be emptied; lives being unjusty killed will be released without confrontation.

7. Dreaming good things at night and seeing the great appearance of Amitabha Buddha

8. Having happy mind, fresh beauty, good health and interesting deeds.

9. Being often respected, worshiped by the world as the Buddha.

10. When we die, our mind do not feel frightened and have present right mindfulness.Amitabha and sacred holy multitudes hold Vajra protect to the Pure land, having highest joy in the future”.

Dat Nhân Shaman interpretes,Light of the (Dharma) SealShaman examines.

Translated: Nhu Hoa - extracted "Trung Dính Tay Phuong Cong Cu"///

Translated into English by Huynh Vo Cao Tri

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