Summer Retreat

Summer Beloved: The 2nd Day - The Mysterious Figures

Update: 09/06/2015
The day we had waited for a long time reached. We arrived in a place named “Happiness”.

Summer Beloved: The 2nd Day - The Mysterious Figures

 The place is full of light, flowers, and has no suffering, no anxiety, no depression where there is only joy and peace. Besides us, over one thousand of male and over two thousands of female also participated in. All of them accepted to leave daily life behind, the media, modern technology, entertainments, etc.


To live in compound, we must undergo carefully controlled, we must hand over the phone, modern equipments and nestle in a certain framework. It sounds difficult but we know what we are luckier than thousands of thousands of others, who  live this land in some days. When the gate of “Happiness” closes, we will also shake off the anxiety of worldly life and live in different life.


After finishing the process of checking the baggage, each of us was given a card with a number as a resident of this land. The problems also happened from here. According to our confidential sources, the card from 900 to about 1500 will be lived in main area, the remainder must be in the annex. So everyone tried to get the card with these numbers. In fact, all things in the areas are the same; only the big stage locates in main area while the sub zone will be followed the program via live TV. That was also why we did not get inside immediately on the day before but we struggled to find a hotel. Luckily, most of us also received the card with number over 900 but some members got numbers over 800 who worried that they would not be in main area. So, an impossible mission has been formed from this.


While others took a break in afternoon, members who did not get the card with these numbers, waited for a chance in big garden. They waited for members who arrived in alone, had the suitable number and said:

“Excuse me, did you come here alone? Could you please change my card as I want to live together with my friends?”

For such polite and lovely proposal, no one can refuse. The tenderfeet are naïve and have no doubt about our intention. Every time, a card was changed we were so fun, excited and cheered with our booty. Just like that patience in all afternoon, whereby our group changed four cards successfully and had cards with numbers over 1040. Whether it was lucky or not?


When we got inside, we received plastic slippers and royal blue clothes which did not make outstanding, not dazzling impression but gentle, simple, lovely. We were arranged a neat and clean area with adequate pillows, mosquito nets, mats, blankets near a hundred of others. Now there is without rowdiness and noise of cars but we only hear birds singing, leaves rustling sound, the sound of bells. It is a rare peaceful place in human world.

 Translated into English by Pham Thi Tuyet Mai.

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