Saying truthful words!

Update: 05/07/2015
...Pure gold is said not to fear the fire or paper connot wrap the fire.

Saying truthful words!


People nowadays are said to live in the world of “public working” so the time for interaction between people is limited. It causes the tendency of “self-promotion” because of having no time for getting information from each other. This means that it is necessary for people in the modern age to show their advantage to others even if it is not the truth.

However self-high-sounding and self-brag are also a kind of wrong speech. For example, advertisement is requisite to promote a product and it is normally amplified. However, this advantage should not be taken for self-profit by cheating customers. People will easily recognize  the product’s true quality by using it several times so they may boycott it if its advertisement is too far from the reality; or else, they even can make a claim for damages.

Another case such as in job application. To prove applicant’s ability and real talent, he has to send documents to recruiter. Passing the first documental procedure, applicants have to be called for an interview before giving them the job. Therefore, in the first interview, applicants trend to avoid weak points, emphasize on some strong points such as diligence, truthfulness or a sense of responsibility, and so on. However, showing off oneself too much mostly does not bring along advantages because it is easy to remark by interviewer. Extremely boasting the self’s advantages will cause the failure in winning scores as being expected.

There some people who get a disease of showing off their ability although it is just an illusion. Such case is also considered as wrong speech though he has no intension to cheat or harm others. Therefore, it’s better to let the recruiter know both your strong and weak points, but emphasize on the attitude of proving strong one and overcoming weak one. This may create good impression and get easily sympathy from the recruiter and much more chance will be for you.

 Pure gold is said not to fear the fire or paper connot wrap the fire, or truth has more power than eloquence, ect Anyhow, the manifest, publicity and truthfulness are always appreciated in society today. No matter what how much eloquence you have still can’t replace the truth, only one time for practice; your words will be demonstrated. So be careful in your words and try to keep the vow of “not telling wrong speech”.

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