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Preaching Dharma At Lien Hoa Pagoda - Ho Chi Minh City

Update: 06/03/2016
In the morning of March 6th, 2016 (Lunar January 28th, Monkey year), Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh came to Lien Hoa pagoda at Tan Tao ward, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City to preach Dharma to Buddhits who have one-day blissful retreat from the invitation of Bhiksuni abbot Thich Nu Dieu Huong.

Preaching Dharma At Lien Hoa Pagoda - Ho Chi Minh City


To be a human being is a great blessing in the six ways of sentient existence. Human life is valuable but very fragile; as dew in the early morning, as bubbles when it rains, as flow of water running fast uninterrupted, as a cow brought to slaughtering house. Awareness of the impermanence of transient body; each of buddhist must value his life and time, earnestly study Buddha Dharma, practice the Buddha's teaching in order to have bliss and happiness in present and next life.


It was the content the Senior Venerable talked to the masses.

At the end of the Dharma preaching, he granted a DVD â€œThe Wheel of Law” to each.


These are some specific images:


Translated into English by Ms. Giac Ngoc.

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