Preaching At Ngoc Phap Monastery – Nha Trang City

Update: 20/04/2014
In the evening of April 18th, 2014 (March 19th Horse Year) Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh came to Ngoc Phap monastery at 6 Hong Linh street, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province to have a dharma talk by invitation of Senior Ven. Thich Giac Nghiem – an abbot.

Preaching At Ngoc Phap Monastery – Nha Trang City


The Vietnamese Mendicant Buddhism was founded by the\r\nprogenitor – Minh Dang Quang. Following his way of cultivation, a “leaving\r\nhome” person has to beg for food and eat one meal a day, lives under foot of a\r\ntree or a thatch hut without a fixed shelter, has a nomadic life, wears,\r\ncollected, mended fabric pieces for clothes, and uses herbs for for medicine.\r\nHe himself practiced that cultivating way, so he had smartly initiating mind.\r\nBased on his wisdom, people penetrated into the Buddhism thank to his virtuous\r\nexample by himself. The Mendicant Buddhism soon spread to the South and the\r\ncentral Vietnam. Being Buddhists in general and disciples of the progenitor –\r\nMinh Dang Quang in particular, all Buddhists should follow his model to\r\ncultivate, develop the Mendicant Buddhism more and more extensive to help\r\npeople at home and abroad. To attain this goal, the Buddhists have to learn His\r\nteaching, keep the commandments, dignify in body and mind, diligently practice\r\nthe three studies.

At the end of the preaching, they were granted a VCDs “ the\r\nbirthday ceremony of the Buddha in 2013.

Here are some pictures recorded :


Translated by Nguyen Hoang Oanh.

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