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Preaching At Kaohsiung City - Taiwan

Update: 03/04/2016
In the evening of April, 1st 2016, Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh had a lecture for Buddhists in Kaohsiung city.

Preaching At Kaohsiung City - Taiwan


All are frightened to mention impermanence. Because many people just understand it in the deficient way with the meaning of ruin, misery and destruction. However, without the "impermanence", all things, phenomena and life on this earth will never exist. There was no change and development, the poor will not be able to change their destinies, the evil have no chance to become good, and the ordinary will never be a saint.

Therefore, to clarify impermanence, he shared a content of "Thank impermanence" for Buddhist. As poem of "Thank impermanence" and wrote: "Thanks to impermanence, we have grown as a believer in life. Thanks to impermanence, we have more hope to alter our bad habits. Thanks to impermanence, we transform our suffering into happiness mutually. Thanks to impermanence, the evil-doer turns good, the insane to sane, the sick to healthy, the stupid tointellectual, all living creatures will always grow forward.
How would the life be without impermanent? When children did not grow up; birds did not sing; flowers could not bloom, and clouds could not fly, whose earth is a graveyard. Thank to impermanence, our bodies grew up day by day. Thank to impermanence, our souls become brighter. Thank to impermanence, dull- witted people turn enlightenment. Thank to impermanence, people get to peaceful landing. Thank impermanence, thank impermanence, our lives will besublimated better and wiser day by day.
Ending the lecture, Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh hold ceremony of taking Triratna Refuge and gave Dharma gifts for all Buddhists.

Here is the image recorded:
Translated into English by Luong Bao Hoang Phuong

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