Obeying the instruction is also practicing cultivation…

Update: 11/07/2021

Obeying the instruction is also practicing cultivation…


I was born and raised in Saigon City, so I witnessed Saigon development and change day by day…

When I was a child, Saigon in my memory was rainy nights with the "power outage" by the power-station. Children like me are so happy every time the power goes out; they show all kinds of games, such as: call the spirits to chase with a can, blindfold and find, face down to count “five, ten” and then look for … etc.

Saigon is also strangely cute! People from all over other regions can come here to live. From people in the North who like to eat water morning glory, vermicelli and tofu… to those in the Central region who sell Quang noodles, Hue beef noodle soup; There are even foreigners who settle down to work as English teachers. All are welcomed to the open heart of Saigon region. That's how generous Saigon is! Such a pleasant one!

The personality of Saigon people is very "odd", preferring to worry about their surroundings. Happiness does not come from having many children like in the countryside, but being "overwhelmed" with love. They are strangers, but when seeing someone forgetting to move their vehicle kickstand, Saigon people try to speed up and remind this one, "hey, your kickstand" and then run away as if afraid of being thanked.

That time, when I was 12 -13 years old, I caught a motorbike taxi home but didn't have enough money to pay, I whispered: "I have this much, how do you calculate it!" Then the motorbike taxi driver just looked at me and shook his head: "What do you think? Stop it. It's like I'm at a loss for you!" and the car drove away.

Saigon is currently suffering from “flu”. Saigon is clearly in a lot of pain!

Due to the complicated epidemic, this bustling city was isolated according to Directive 16. The workers, employees, street vendors, sellers of lottery tickets …etc, do not know how they will live. On Youtube, I watched the news about Saigon for a few days and felt heartbroken...

Strictly obey the Government Directive now, maybe we will soon overcome this pandemic. I'm a monk, the "quarantine" reminds me of the precepts that the Buddha devised to monks to control their bodies and minds, as well as cultivate virtue.

The general precepts are keep and maintenance; only do good deeds, not evil ones. When we protect ourselves, follow instructions not to gather, not going out, means the "keep". When we obey 5K, and encourage everyone together to join hands to fight the epidemic, it means "maintenance."

Thus, the ultimate question is who will help us safe during the pandemic?

That is yourself. When complying with all above things well, we are protecting ourselves, and also protecting others. This is self-reliance. The other power of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will appear on the basis of self-reliance. It is the merit from these good deeds that will arise like a canopy to protect the practitioners of Dharma like the famous Pali verse: "Dhammo have rakkhati dhammacāriṃ" - "Dharma protects the practitioners''.

As a Buddhist, stay at home and practice – don't congregate!



Tam Cung

Translated into English by Lien My

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