Notice: Design Lumbini Garden at Home in the Buddha’s Birthday

Update: 17/05/2021
April, time for the Buddha’s Birthday, Buddhists from over the world joyfully welcome the day Buddha appeared to us.

Notice: Design Lumbini Garden at Home in the Buddha’s Birthday


In harmony with the merry atmosphere of the Vesak Ceremony in 2565 according to Buddhist Calendar, Hoang Phap Pagoda will motivate the movement of making models and Lumbini garden at home, hanging flags and lights as the way to express our respect to the Buddha who is the Founder of Buddhism.

 This year, the Covid 19 epidemic is still dangerous, the organization of the ceremony is in a safe distance, not crowded. Therefore, monks cannot directly go to Buddhists’ houses to give gifts of Dharma and Commendation Paper.

 Buddhists attending the  the movement will send pictures and a short clip of the models and Lumbini garden at your home to the Organizing Committee. Accordingly, the Organizers will send the gift of dharma and certificates of merit by post.

In form: photos and clips will send to email:

 In the email, please specify:

- Name:

- Address:

- Phone number:

 Deadline: From the announcement until the end of the 14th day of lunar April.

 This is also an opportunity for Buddhists to show respect to the Three Jewels of a devout Buddhist! 

May all Buddhists and your families have peace and happiness in the sacred blessing of Buddhas in ten directions.

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