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Life is like a bowl of rice, tears is the soup, happiness and sadness are the spices. These spices are mixed together to make the personality, sometimes salty and bitter but sometimes sweet. And mom is the color for us to draw the life, but not all colors are beautiful. And not everything is perfect, so we have to get used to it to step on the stair of life better and we could not complain about the life unfair. As we cannot choose the place we were born, but we can choose how we live.

The place I was born is a far – away village, my childhood is a series of boring days, no friends, no money. I was worried about being told that I would drop the school. It was undeniable as my family was poor for a long time.

My mom, a simple poor woman, her knowledge was not so high but she was very kind. My grandma passed away when she was a little child, she lived with my grandpa and then getting married at 20 years old. Later, my grandpa passed away, too. She was alone at the strange place learning how to be a housewife. She just knew to work hard like a bee. As she did not know much, she was defrauded of a lot of money. But she wanted to take it back as soon as possible, so she was perverted to casino and trapped games, the money she owed became more. My dad did not care. My mom cared for the whole family when she was so young. Til my mom could not manage the family, my dad helped her in anger and sympathy. She became insecure, hiding herself from everyone and persimistic. My family was filled with arguments, the meals full of tears. One day, I realized that my mom looked so emaciated. How poor she was! I hoped my dad would sympathize for her and make something miracle. Thanks to my mom’s patience and my dad’s effort, miracle appeared. My family became better step by step. My siblings could go to school. But, my mom still was upset.

For 5 years, she was locked herself in silence, she avoided everything. Sometimes she ate nothing for us a full meal. In this situation, no one could understand that woman. We just tried our best to help our family come over difficulties. We hope that our parents would stay healthy, happy, no more depress and sadness. To me, I wish my mom could start a new life in a new place, but it’s quite hard as my mom gets older now, she should retire and live with family. My brothers and I have good jobs in the city, so we can help my parents for living. We decide that mom should return the hometown to retire. We learn how to love, listen, sympathize to shorten the way to happiness. Although we are sometimes angry or depressed, these are challenges for us to understand and love each other. As mom is the most thing we concern and the best present I’ve ever had. The luckiest thing I’ve ever had is that mom is still here.

Every one is different, from settings. Buddha said: “Happiness or sadness in your mind”. No matter what clothes you wear, no matter how rich or poor you are, what you think and how you live matters. It matters your happiness or sadness. Do not sigh at difficulties, struggle with them and you will get good results.

You're born an original, don't die a copy. (đây là một tựa sách có trên Amazon). Life is so mysterious and we have to find the way to discover. Be happy at the present and satisfy with what we have.


Tâm Nghiên

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai

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