Lighting Candles for Praying

Update: 27/04/2014
In the spirit of Buddhist compassion, in the evening of April 27, 2014 (Lunar, March 28th, Horse Year), Hoang Phap Pagoda held candle lighting for praying the victims of drown ferry of Sewol in Korea. More than two thousand attendants of the 76th Buddhist Retreat and visitors organized the ceremony.

Lighting Candles for Praying


In recent days, everyone was shocked to hear the mass media\r\nreporting the sunken ferry in Sewol. Reportedly, on April 16, Sewol ferry\r\ncarrying 475 passengers, including 352 high school students were in a trip to\r\nJeju Island crashed at sea in a temperature of about 12 degrees Centigrade. Up\r\nto the present time, there were hundreds of people killed and missed. The\r\ntragically air covered South Korea country.

In the shimmering candlelight of praying night, monks and\r\nBuddhist concentrated their mind reciting the Amitabha Buddha, asking Him for\r\nthe soul of victims to the rebirth of the safe world. The sound of the Buddha\r\nnaming and chanting together with bells and gongs were spreading in space\r\nforming an atmosphere of solemnity and purity. In that texture, all\r\ncontemplated and pondered their compassion to the victims. Everyone was willing\r\nto offer their merit in a week of Retreat that dedicated to survivors in peace and\r\nsoul salvation of the dead.

Although the program is not planned in the beginning of the\r\n76th one-week Retreat, the ceremony took place in solemn fulfillment.

Following are some recorded images:


Translated by Huynh Thi Tuyet Ngoc.

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