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Hoa Phuc Pagoda organized the construction of school and offered gifts to highland poor pupils.

Update: 24/10/2016
It is causation that images of highland, barefeet children, and after coming across many kilometers though woodland and crag to come into a seriously degraded dark bamboo class in Khuoi Luong village that is known by monks of Hoa Phuc Pagoda.

Hoa Phuc Pagoda organized the construction of school and offered gifts to highland poor pupils.


Those images are always in the monks’ mind and touched to their wish of praying for human beings; being desired to overcome difficulties, making best conditions for teachers and pupils of Khuoi Luong School a new better educational environment.

Haig permission of Bac Kan board, the charities of Hoa Phuc Pagoda led by Junior Thich Tam hoa – abbot of Hoa Phap Pagoda, with some Buddhists and 14 young men came to Khuoi Luong village, Lang Ngam commune, Ngan Son District, Bac Kan province to organize the construction of Khuoi Luong kindergarten. This construction is supported with nearly 100 billion dong. After a year of conducting, the construction will be applied for giving knowledge, morality; eliminating illiteracy to nearly 70 H’Mong ethnic pupils.

Welcoming the charity at the village are some authorities; including Mr. Doanh Thiem Huy – Member of District Party Committee, vice president of People’s Committee of Ngan Son District, Ms. Doanh Thi Hanh – Head of Division of Education and Training of Ngan Son District, Mr. Chu Van Han – president of People’s Committee of Lang Ngam, Ms. Nong Thi Hien – principal of Lang Ngam kindergarten, Ms. Hoang Van Anh – sub principal of Lang Ngam primary school, and people, pupils from Lang Ngam kindergarten and primary school.

Mr. Doanh Thiem Huy expressed the thank of special love that Junior Thich Tam Hoa and Buddhists gave to pupils and people in Khuoi Luong village. He also shared that although many parties, boards, groups support to construct infrastructure , and material facilities to specially difficult areas including Khuoi Luong village; limited resources of mountain district could not meet a demand of living of committee. Receiving the support of Hoa Phuc Pagoda, Junior Thich Tam Hoa and Buddhists, especially sharing difficulty of committee of Ngan Son District, our board are very happy.

Responding to those love, Junior Thich Tam Hoa sent the grateful words to the board and authority who supported the charity group of Hoa Phuc Pagoda to help upland people. He expressed: “The Dharma and the nation have been accompanying together during thousands years of nation oreservation and protection. Buddhism is always companioned with nation destiny to take care of living and spirit of people, not only plainsmen but also mountaineers. They always belong to the S land – when the blood sheds, the heard aches, even being plainsmen or mountaineers. We should give our hand to support difficult places. He also reminded people to combine, implement the instruction of Party and State, to create every condition for children in village coming school to study, to accumulate knowledge which are a background to build a better future of village.”

With those great meaningfulness and spirit, Hoa Phuc Pagoda’s charity group offered more than 130 presents including clothes, boots, book and notebook, school stationery, soya bean sauce, soup to pupils. On this affair, the charity group offered 17 gifts to teachers and pupils of Hong Mu Kindergarten – a point of Hong Mu Village, Giao Hieu Commune, Pac Nam District, Bac Kan Province and 40 gifts to students of Khau Qua primary school, Nam Mau Commune, Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province. Each gift costs 300,000 vnd.

Below are some taken images of upland charity affair:


Translated into English by Cam Nhung

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