Good morning Master!

Update: 30/07/2019
Everyday, after the morning ceremony period, brothers from Dorm 1 gather in Master’s room for morning greeting. Although there are so many monks from other dorms here, just the ones who stay at the dorm 1 can greet the Master. So, whoever stay at dorm 1 are luckier than other brothers at another dorms.

Good morning Master!


There is nothing more wonderful than beginning a new peaceful and happy day for greeting the Master, the noble one that anyone wishes to meet and pay homage once in a life. Meeting the Master is a dream from many people but they have no opportunity to do that. Maybe at the past lives, we sowed any good senses so that we have chance in the present lives to be his disciples to stay close and to learn from him. Especially for us who live in dorm 1 can do things as greeting Master every morning that no one else can do. It is so wonderful and we will cherish it forever. 

However, it is said that, staying close to the Buddha, calling the Buddha “brother”; seeing the Buddha gentle, carrying the Buddha on back to go out; or ‘the Angel at home is not sacred’. These words appear for some reasons. It is true. Eating just one meal though it is delicious for a long time becomes boring. Looking just one picture for a long time, it becomes tiring no matter how beautiful it is. When these become habitual, they will not appreciate and cherish it. So do we. That staying too close to you, seeing you every day and  especially greeting you every morning makes us bored. Sometimes, we wonder why we have to greet you but the others do not. They are so felicitous. 

Dear Master, please forgive us for the foolish thinking, childish words of the mindless youth. We know that you always follow us step by step. No matter how we are, you do never mind it and blame us. You always love and forgive us. 

My Master! Please let us but no one else from any other dorms  greet you every morning. We will cherish the beautiful moments forever. 

We would cherish what we have and do not let it go. When it is gone, it is too late to regret because there is no way to take it back.

“Sometimes missing for 1 hour late.

We must wait for a next hundred year.

(Bui Giang)

Translated into English by Nguyen Khanh Hoa

Tam Trong

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