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Fifth-Day Summer Retreat 2016: Buddhism - Cultural Tradition Of the Nation

Update: 24/07/2016
Buddhism has accompanied with our nation, which is the source of culture and good traditions of the country for very long time. Young people, who are lucky enough to inherit that good tradition from forefather, should maintain, develop and introduce to friends all around the world about this unique, nice heritage.

Fifth-Day Summer Retreat 2016: Buddhism - Cultural Tradition Of the Nation


On the 5th morning, Venerable Thich Tam Dao – Deputy Abbot of Hoang Phap Pagoda, deputy, head of retreat board, had a talkabout issues of Summer Retreat  to participants.

On behalf of the organizers, the Venerable has shared the means and know-how to organize a Summer Retreat. To offer such a well-organized week, the board had to spend a rather long time for preparation in advance. During the retreat, other monks’ activities in their summer course had to be delayed for the best service and attention to the Youth’s summer retreat. It takes lots of hard working and efforts from the sangha and laypeople to serve and take care of more than 3000 young participants from management to odds and ends issues.

After that, the Venerable explained the meaning of the Three Refuges. Some young people who often go to Pagoda yet can not clearly understand the concept of Refuge, Triratna, the importance of the refuge and the five precepts. This is an important turning point of life, because after the Three Refuge ritual, the one will officially become a Buddhist. Besides, Buddha teaches us five precepts as the practicing tools so that we can promote our religious life, can be in human realm or better existence in the afterlives. Five Precepts are the fundamentals of ethical platform, enabling us to complete our dignity. This Pentad Code of ethics is essential for everyone, especially the young people.

In the afternoon, the program was continued with the lecturing and Q&A sessions with the topic "Buddhism - Youth - Integration" in the guidance of the Venerable Thich Nhat Tu, Deputy Head of the Vietnam Buddhist Institute Ho Chi Minh City, abbot of Giac Ngo Pagoda.

In the process of integration and development of Vietnam, many areas will be multilaterally affected as culture, society, politics, economics... In such environment, we need to be ready for the preparation and hedging to protect, maintain, develop our unique traditional culture of the nation.

1. Respecting others’ ethnic characteristics: Each country has its own cultural traditions, which is the beauty of behavior, attitude, view of life, as well as ethical standards, mindset ... which we need to know/ learn.

2. Maintaining the beauty of our ethnic culture: When cultural interactions occur, some cultures may be  preserved while others dominated. It is also the fruit of individual/collective karmas of each community. We need to preserve and maintain the inherent beauty of our national culture.

3. Respectng the Buddhism culture: Buddhism has been in Vietnam for more than 2000 years, along with the development of our nation's history. Buddhism good values and Buddha’s teaching have integrated with Vietnamese folklore to create Vietnamese unique tradition.

4. Selective absorption to the new: In receiving the new flow of culture from East to West, we should scan things, preserve the best of ours, selectively absorb and assimilate the best of others for our development.

5. Avoiding cultural dissolutionThe youth should be strong and open enough to learn the new without dissolving our unique origin.

Young intellectuals who are full of energy, fitness and ambition, should share and promote Vietnamese Buddhism culture to our global friends.

Following are some recorded photographs:

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