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Dharma Talk at Thien An Pagoda in North California - United States

Update: 18/10/2016
In the morning of Oct 17, 2016, the Venerable Thich Chan Tinh visited the Abbot of Hue Quang Pagoda in South California, US.

Dharma Talk at Thien An Pagoda in North California - United States


In the evening, he had a Dharma talk at Thien An Pagoda in Fresno City, North California. During the session, he had a brief review of Buddha’s life and teaching, from which determining practical lessons for Buddhists to penetrate and follow, such as the meanings of Four Noble Truth, the impermanence in life, the non-self, karma and the rule of cause and effect. Besides, the Venerable also shared that in the light of Buddhism, man is the creator and heir of all acts of his in the past, present and future. Neither God nor anyone else can grant him heaven or hell, as quoted in the Dhammapada - Verse 165 :

"By oneself is evil done,

By oneself is one defiled,

By oneself is evil left undone,

By oneself is one made pure.

Purity or impurity depended on oneself,

No one can purify another. "

Hence the differences of ours in status, background, wealth or level of intelligence... in life, all have been made by our good/bad deeds instead of by chance, windfall or favor. As a result, if we would like to enjoy easeful and happy lives, we should be awakened in body, speech and thoughts, practice good merit, free ourselves from desires and attachment, follow Buddha’s example of detachment, compassion and virtues that he has done and taught us.

After the Dharma talk, the Venerable cleared up all the concerns and queries of practicing from Buddhists.

Following are the recorded photographs:

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