Buddhist News of Ven. Thich Chan Tinh

Dharma Talk at Pho Chieu Pagoda- Perth

Update: 11/04/2015
Following the Hoang Phap pagoda’s propagation program in Australia, in the morning of April 4th 2015, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh visited Chanh Giac Pagoda in Peth. The Senior Venerable sent his caring, gave gifts to the abbess and he hoped that Chanh Giac Pagoda will open more programs of cultivation to help local Buddhists with opportunities practicing the Dharma.

Dharma Talk at Pho Chieu Pagoda- Perth


 In the evening of same day, he had a Dharma\r\npreaching to nearly 150 Buddhists. In the atmosphere of religion, he\r\nreminded: “Delusion people only worry about this life, wisdom people not\r\nonly worry about the career in this life but also the ones in the next lives”.\r\nSo, the wisdom people always know how to use their valuable time to make\r\nbenefit for themselves and for others, not to be allured on crazy appetence and\r\nsubmerged on reincarnation. They always have mindfully awareness, and\r\nremember that the world is impermanent; the body is borrowed so as to make\r\neffort in body and mind, refine ignorance for bright mind and open heart.

After the sermon, the Senior\r\nVenerable instructed the Buddhists the methods of Buddha’s\r\nrecitation, meditation walk.


 In the occasion, he took refuge for good men and\r\nbelieving women, proclaim precepts for refuged Buddhist.


 Translated into English by Luong Minh Dieu.

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