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Dharma Talk at Cat Tuong Pagoda, Georgia - United States

Update: 26/09/2016
In the evening of Sep 24, 2016, the Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had a Dharma talk at Cat Tuong pagoda, Georgia, United States.

Dharma Talk at Cat Tuong Pagoda, Georgia - United States


During the lecture, the Venerable praised the diligent spirit of Buddhists in practicing there. Via the story of Buddha’s life, he reminded participants the fundamentals of practicing as well as the acknowledgement of the impermanence, rule of cause and effect, and karma. The Venerable also stressed that being born as a human and able to approach with Buddha’s teaching are the uncommonly opportunity and the ultimate blessing in life to attain the deliverance, otherwise we would be forever immersed in samsara with suffering.

Venerable told the mass the Four-Wife- Story: “the first wife is our body which would leave us when the death comes regardless how much we care or love her. The second wife is wealth and status which are ready to leave us for someone else when we die. The third wife is family and friends who can do nothing but cry and see us off from life, regardless how close we have been. The fourth wife is our good/bad karmas which will follow us in a very long term, although we may sometimes neglect her due to business, money, fame and wealth”. Via the story, the

Venerable explained about karmas which come from the acts of body, speech and thought. They lead us into the loop of birth and death with misery. Hence if we would like to take the Path of deliverance, we should use our body, speech and thought to stop creating the coming bad karma while transferring the past karmas to the good ones.

In the morning of Sep 25, 2016, the Venerable guided the etiquette for Buddhist and reviewed the Buddhism fundamentals as the meaning of taking refuge in Triratna and Five Precepts to the audience. Besides, he also shared his practical experience in the practice, and cleared up all the concerns and queries from participants.

Following are the recorded photographs:


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