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Dharma Preaching at Tan Phap Pagoda in Cu Chi Rural District.

Update: 07/03/2015
Accepting the invitation from Junior Venerable Thich Chieu Tuc, Abbot of Tan Phap pagoda located in Xom Chieu Hamlet, of Tan An Village, of Cu Chi rural district of HoChiMinh City, on 04 March, 2015 (14 January of the lunar year of the Goat) Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh officially visited this pagoda to deliver a preaching session on the occasion of the penitence day at the beginning of the year.

Dharma Preaching at Tan Phap Pagoda in Cu Chi Rural District.


During the talk, the Sen. Ven. mentioned the matters\r\nrelating to the dedication of the pure abode named Phap Hoa (presently, Tan\r\nPhap pagoda) by Mrs Nguyen Thi Kim Chi.

Phap Hoa pure abode was created in 1970 by Old lady Nguyen\r\nThi Khoa, whose Buddhist name was Lang An. Later, she passed the abode to her\r\nyoungest sister named Nguyen Thi Cua with her Buddhist name Dieu Tam to manage\r\nand repair it. Mrs Cua died in 1990 and based on Mrs. Cua’s testament, the\r\nabode was left to Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Chi (her Buddhist name was An Hoa)  The\r\ntotal area of the abode was 8178.1 m2. During the period of time from 1995 to 2010\r\nit was used by many monks for religious practice, but the monks used it for\r\nsome time and then left it.

At the beginning of 2010 Mrs Kim Chi decided to dedicate\r\nthis abode to Hoang Phap pagoda so that the managing board of Hoang Phap pagoda\r\nwould use it as a branch of it in an attempt to make it a place to preach\r\nBuddhist Dharma and bring benefits to all living beings. After finishing the\r\npaperwork to Hoang Phap pagoda (with the permission of the Vietnam Buddhist\r\nAssociation and the legalisation of the local authorities) Phap Hoa Pure Abode\r\nchanged its name to Tan Phap Pagoda, the abbot of which was Sen. Ven. Thich\r\nChan Tinh. But one year after the dedication, Mrs. Kim Chi had the law on Hoang\r\nPhap Management Board in an attempt to claim the space floor back.

Legally, Tan Phap pagoda has its total ownership. That means\r\nit has the written petition from the previous owner voluntarily asking for the\r\ndedication and its related paper, such as the certificate of legal use of the\r\nproperty which was legalised by the local notary public’s office) and that\r\nmeans Mrs Chi was not allowed to take the land back. Nevertheless, owing not to\r\ncreate any hate to Mrs. Kim Chi, the management board of Hoang Phap pagoda has\r\nhad a plan to return the property to Mrs. Chi in the future, At present, Hoang\r\nPhap pagoda has more than 21 branches. The acceptation of a branch is,\r\ntherefore, for the benefits of the Buddhists, not for any individual ones.\r\nSenior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, therefore, hopes that whoever owns the pagoda,\r\nit will continue serving everybody.

During the time the Buddha was still alive there were such\r\nmany wealthy householders as Anathapindika, and Visakha, who dedicated various\r\nlarge pure abodes, such as Therevada pagoda, The Eastern pagoda, and The Park pagoda,\r\netc. Nowadays there have been people who dedicate their land or temples to a\r\nshrine but their offspring later raise difficulties to take these properties\r\nback. Such a way of donation leads to the saying, “In the past, private houses\r\nwere converted into temples, but nowadays temples are converted into private\r\nhouses!” This shows that personal characters are so difficult to understand. In\r\nother words, when a person is elated at something, everything is easy to be\r\nsolved, but vice versa! This is also a lesson for all those who are temple\r\ndonator as well as receivers  -  they should  consider\r\nthings carefully so as to avoid having a broken heart and karma for both sides\r\nin the future.

Attached here are some related recorded pictures:

Translated into English by Mr. Hoang Huan, layman.

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