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Dhamma Talk at Bang Pagoda - Hanoi

Update: 23/01/2018
Today Jan 23, 2018 (Dec 7, lunar calendar), based on the invitation of Abbot Thich Bao Nghiem, Senior Venerable Thich Chan and monks from Hoang Phap Pagoda come to Bang A Pagoda, Bang Liet Street, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi to celebrate the Attainment Day of Shakyamuni Buddha.

Dhamma Talk at Bang Pagoda - Hanoi


In the morning, he delivers Dhamma talk to the mass. Via the well-known story of king Ajatashatru that lead to the introduction of Amitabha Sutra, the Senior Venerable shares a key point in practicing to practitioners, Tri-Practices for Pure Land Attainment:

1. Fulfilling filial piety to parents and teachers, nurturing compassion, avoiding killing and cultivating ten whole-someness (daśakuśalakarmāṇi)

2. Taking refuge in Triratna, preserving precepts and morality.

3. Awakening the thought of enlightenment, believing in cause and effect rule, reading sutra and encouraging people in practicing.

These are the fundamentals forTiāntāi-zōng practitioners in particular and Buddhism practitioners in general, to cultivate on the path to liberation. The point is everyone should apply that properly to have ease and bliss in life. That is all what the Senior venerable would like to share to the mass.

Nowadays, the practice of the lay member is flourishing and flourishing, nevertheless, some may fall into “desperate practicing” leading to unexpected negative result. Buddha had explained us clearly that practicing has never been a fast track but needed time instead. Practitioner should be patiently take Buddha teachings as fundamentals to go on the Path to liberation. He has analyzed the Tri-practices for Pure Land attainment in detail so that everyone can have the right understanding of the way they go and be a moral people according to Buddha teaching; because:”want to become a good one in Buddha Land, be a good one in secular world first”.

Finally, the Senior Venerable sends his blessings to all members on the occasion of Buddha Attainment Day and 20thBirthday of the Tiāntāi-zōng ashram in the North of Viet Nam.

The Dharma talk ends in the joy of all.

Following are recorded photographs:


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