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Delivering a Sermon in Tieu Luu Cau Island, Taiwan

Update: 01/04/2016
On 31st May 2016, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had a Buddhism meeting to share the Dharma in Tieu Luu Cau island, province of Tainan, Taiwan.

Delivering a Sermon in Tieu Luu Cau Island, Taiwan


Tieu Luu Cau island has about 20,000 inhabitants, including indigenous people and Vietnamese ones. It is Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh who has been the first one to deliver a sermon to the Vietnamese expatriates.

With his compassion, the Venerable taught quite basic lessons for the devotees, such as impermanence, the Three Refuges, the Five Precepts and respecting-inspiring deportment of the lay people.

The Venerable also encouraged Buddhists trying to overcome all ups and downs with resilience, calmness, and wisdom as the navigators being adept in steering and navigating to overcome numerous waves of the sea.

Having this good condition to receive a lecture from the venerable, the devotees showed kindness of heart to take refuge with the Three Jewels, Five Precepts, and make a vow to become a vegetarian and practice Buddha’s teachings in daily lives.

Venerable praised the religious zeal of Buddhists to learn and practice no matter how isolated and difficult the geography here was. Venerable also hoped that everyone would get close to the Three Jewels, know to practice in order to self-transform body and mind, and bring peace to every one thank to this good condition.

In addition to the sincere and rustic preaching, Buddhists in the island also received Dhrama-treasure gifts: Practicing is Advancing, Some Messages of Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, as an unforgettable reunion memory in this faraway island. Every people were so delighted and sincerely wished each other good things.


Here is the images recorded:

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai.

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