Summer Retreat

Beloved Summer: Seventh Day - Going through the Rainy Days.

Update: 02/07/2015
On recently days, the word that was focused on is ‘hot news’.

Beloved Summer: Seventh Day - Going through the Rainy Days.


It was not the famous events on the social networks, nor was it the important characters. It was just interesting stories which were shared together in the afternoon in corner yard. In this peaceful place, the smallest stories , though, will be quickly became hot news. Being at the head of the news, evidently, belonged to the war on the table, then the news about ‘How did beg cookies?’, ‘How was the weather?’, ‘Mr/Miss A ate more or Mr/ Miss B had a new hair’ , etc. The boys were always simple and the girls preferred making-up which was limited by the regulations. Thus, when taking the rests, the high bun hairstyles and the tied hairstyles which were immediately applied in order to instead of the colorful dyed hairs, the bendy hairstyles and stretched hairstyles. Each hair-stylist has many girls arranged a long line to wait for their turn. Therefore, every girl always had at least two hairstyles in a day and then quickly appeared another potential designers afterward.


The life in here could not be expressed  in words that had to be used the soul for feeling.  Especially, those who came to once time, could understand that.

We always met in a fixed time of a day in the corner yard. The simple our joys were sitting side by side, hearing the wind, the sound of leaves shaken.

In exciting time, we pulled to the yard to organize noisy games for boys and girls because the living area was separated between male and female, so when meeting in the yard, we could play together noisily. More than three thousand people who had not known before, still naturally held hands in a circle, laughed, talked and joked, undistinguished. Those games instead of the modern games on phones, PCs known as slippers laid beside small cans were fallen, a few leaves as the mark or the long rubber band which is becoming rarely found in the contemporary technology. The folk games in childhood memories which now are reminded. Suddenly the feeling that we turned into children were playing in the yard with the former sunlight. Other times we grouped together to set up few performances for fun, amatured, inexperienced nor grandiose, no an impressive costume and so on. Hence, we grouped in a corner, looked around carefully to avoid detection and turned down the music so solfly. Everything must be kept secret until the last as the famous singers’ preparation before the big shows. We sang, danced with heart and brought happiness to each other. In the rehearsal, we were excited, but in the performance in which standing in front of hundreds of thousands of  audiences, we faced with problems. Although we forgot actions, sometimes the music hersitated to work , the loudspeaker was too loud or too low, etc; but the audiences still applauded enthusiastically whereas singers and dancers stood smiling. Just like this item to other performances were constantly animated whatsoever could not see at any stages.

Preferences of the quiet, we often went to the library, read books and saw friends playing outside. In the corner of lobby souding echoes of the guitar, the flute, the singing , etc which brought a strange gentle sensation.


Now was the rainy season - the season of emotions and sudden sadness, but it did not affect to this magical land.


Outside the door, the shaking voice of thunders, the rushing sound of raindrop dropped on the trees ... So cold!

Inside we were still asleep ... Peaceful!

Such rainy days passed quietly in the warmth.


Lien Vy

Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao.

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