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Beloved Summer: Eighth Day - The Feeling.

Update: 04/07/2015
... Each image, sound would be memories but would not be limbo...

Beloved Summer: Eighth Day - The Feeling.

"This was the last your meal in here".

"Today was  the last your day that you lived together in here."

"Tonight was  the last your night that you slept in here" ...

"Well, the last".


Everybody knew, but whenever the word was said, there was a strange feeling in our hearts. Just for today, tomorrow we would have to leave this place and did not know when coming back. Today, everything as different and we were trying to remember every minute of our stay. Each image, sound would be the memories but would not be a limbo. The smiles of today were so lovely, the voices were very familiar, the competitors on the table were suddenly friendly ... Even the supervisors who had been fastidious, now, silent and observed us with the far-away eyes. The time was coming. 


Everyone also had a feeling which was difficult to express. We talked a lot about the family, friends, the plans of tomorrow and things of the day before ... The memories which were had got in the past, were repeated as holding back time. Because we also feared that our mind was too small and not enough to contain all beautiful things in memory.


The night was falling, but the quiet space was broken by the stories, the songs, the promise of returning. We stayed up late, almost nobody slept, laying and counting the time. The whispers and the sobs instead of the daily animation. Everyone came here with a personal story and most of them are sad stories. Some letters which were full of emotion, read in lunch time and enjoyed the sympathy of us. They were the regretful words, tears and wounds were healed by a miraculous way. 


The clockwise still moves every second . It was unknown that it was too fast or too slow, we just laid together, did not talk anything and observed it was almost dawn.

  On the old days, when the bell rang, nobody opened own eyes because of sleepy. However, in this time, just 3am, was the noisy sound heard due to most of us waking up and preparing our own luggage for the day of coming back home.


Lien Vy.

Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao.

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