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Beloved Summer: Day 4 – Plan to Change People and Night Incident

Update: 23/06/2015
Therefore, we lived in a large family which is full of love.

Beloved Summer: Day 4 – Plan to Change People and Night Incident

 However, because of the arrangement, in meal time we could not sit at the same table but along a long horizontal row, facing new friends. The majority of our group were very glad to be acquainted with the friends from all regions, apart from three members ...

Until the fourth day, we knew that three of our friends were afraid of eating at the lunch time at the same table with three people but it had been told that they could eat at the speed of light and the amount calculated in powers and behave crudely. As a result, our members were rather depressed. We were a community and solidarity should be given at the top so that our friends could not be bullied; in addition, we were curious  about those ones so we had a meeting immediately ... As previous appointment, at break time we concentrated at corridor to find the way. After analyzing and evaluating the reality we had the final decision which was to change people. We had considered carefully and selected three members who were able to confront the strange three opponents at the table to replace with our friends. The advantage was that we sit horizontally so the change of order would not affect anything. Of course the members who were selected must have certain capabilities in the culinary field. Although not having high speed, one person can eat with large absorption capacity. The two others have medium velocities and their absorption capacity is also pretty good. We stood in a circle like in sports competitions, placed his hands on each other and shouted "yeah" to express the determination for important upcoming war. Solidarity always uphold in this way. After everything was arranged, we anxiously waited for tomorrow to fight.

We were supposed to go to bed in victory dreams  but that night was a rather complicated movement. As usual, we had to concentrate to breath before bedtime. After hearing the bell, the atmosphere was almost absolutely quiet; we could hear every light footstep of the superintendents. Then we breathe in, breathe out, breathe in , breathe out and at last held our breath. And the noise and giggling sound started to shatter solitude space. The sounds become louder, someone could not sit still anymore because that time, and there was a large amount of methane CH4 gases spreading through the room. Only a few friends try to remain in place until the end of time. After an instant of sigh blows, laughters just wait to burst. We tried to find out source but we could not. Though the sleeping was under the stipulated time but no one would sleep in a special situation like that. The debate went on regardless of the presence of the superintendents. We had not been trained prior to this situation, so any temporary antitrust ways were put to use thoroughly. Some friends used room sprays, perfumes of all kinds, but could not overwhelm that poisonous gas. The sounds of "hissing" filled the room. However, the aroma could only exist in a few minutes in the dense methane atmosphere. And the result was that after a while struggling with the perfume, everyone slept with the posture of a true ninja – covered their bodies with blanket except the eyes, or covered over the heads. We did so with a laugh, just covered our faces, just thought about the lunchtime tomorrow ...

We who came to this area also had beautiful dreams. And our dreams tonight  were not only images, sounds, but also the smell;  a dream that perhaps all those who were present that night would remember forever as a very personal memories of this trip.

 Translated into English by Cao Thanh Tuyen. 

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