Summer Retreat

Beloved Summer: 6th Day - B plan.

Update: 29/06/2015
The next day we sat to the same seats because of thinking that the opponents would not be able to bully our team again after the fight of yesterday.

Beloved Summer: 6th Day - B plan.


 However, that was just our thinking. That mealtime was "a bad meal" in literal meaning for some friends who sat down under the unpleasant attitude facing the ones at the same table and in return for the our plan’s previous seats. The opponent did not yield an inch of ground.


Realizing this situation was more and more difficult, we quickly changed to another plan. In early morning, we went around the dining-room to look at the menu and immediately invited two experts of other team to help us. This was a plan which had a high risk, but the success rate was very high. It is difficult that we had to cleverly change the number cards to each other in the secret. We briefly summarized the main problems and fortunately, the experts agreed with us about joining this war. In addition, the menu of that day quite suited for their taste. After surveying and discussing carefully, the B plan was conducted.


 When the bell rang, the guests sat at the right seats. Once again, the changing people made them so surprised and did not prevent because in front of them, there were two small boys. Although having clearly known the capacity of gladiators, we tried to calm down and did not laugh. They gained an incredible ability and had never been defeated in any dining-tables. Their confident and calm faces could make our opponent worried.


The lunchtime started and they fell into the high concentrating status and forgot all around. In front of them was only the dining-table, and their thought was about the victory. The gladiators had a definitive and quick action as a rain-storm because they picked up foods continuously and we were dazzled. Just in a few minutes, they quickly overwhelmed the enemy and ate more than a half of foods. The opponent did not have a chance to win. We burst into tears in happiness and wanted to shout loudly to appreciate but we had to dominate our passion. The gladiators proved not to be a big problem and continued eating the bowl with cooked rice and foods over and over until the opponent had to have a inquisitive look when they picked up foods. Finally, they had to finish early the meal. However, there were not enough dishes to respond the gladiators’ demand, so they still continue eating until the last-minute plus some assistance. That was incredible!


 The lunchtime ended in the opponent’s sadness, in our joyfulness. We  certainly returned the fighters again when they received a worthy lesson.


 The heroes had a glorious victory and the acclamation from us; the legend of whom had an amazed talent, rescued weak people would be passed through generation and praised forever by someone witnessed.

Lien Vy.

Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao

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