Away from home, missing parents during the Ullambana season.

Update: 01/09/2021

Away from home, missing parents during the Ullambana season.



Dear parents, I'm at the pagoda. Recently, I looked back at the pictures I took in the past and I saw my parents in those pictures.... I had an indescribable emotion in me - love and miss my parents very much.

I wish one day our family will be reunited under a temple’s roof. I always hope mom and dad will live a happy and healthy life until the day I really grow up so that I can help mom. I feel the sacred motherly love when witnessing the scene where my two siblings are ordained to cultivate. I know that they were very sad and lonely when they were old because they had no children around, but I hope they can understand us...

I always consider my parents as an example, a source of life for us to have the motivation to continue on my path. I have learned many things from my parents. They have immense love, not only for their children, family members, neighbors, friends, but also for plants and pets.

Actually, I haven't yet done it like my parents, but I wish to do something else, that is the path of monasticism and study like Patriarchs and Buddhas.

In my homeland, dad and mom must be working very hard, both feeding cows and working in the fields, however, I could not be with my parents to help. I see difficulties in mountains and forests as dad and mom are getting older and older; but we have ordinated, had to be away from their family, could not stay by their side to help, as well as had no income to send to their parents.

Dear parents! Words of love for dad and mom are difficult to say, because I am a boy. Now, I only know that I try to cultivate well to repay my parents' grace. Every breath I take in and out will have their images in my heart; I 'll cultivate for both of them.



Tam Qua.

Translated into English by Lien My

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