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Attending Inauguration and Triratna Refuge Ceremony at Dien Quang pagoda, Bac Ninh province.

Update: 27/04/2015
Accepting the invitation of the Junior Venerable Thich Tam Quan, on April 26th 2014 (Lunar March 8th, Horse Year), … Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh and the monks of Hoang Phap pagoda together with the abbots of several branches directly under it came and attended the ceremony of Great Hero Temple inauguration in Dien Quang pagoda (Guot hamlet, Viet Hung village, Que Vo hamlet, Bac Ninh village town).

Attending Inauguration and Triratna Refuge Ceremony at Dien Quang pagoda, Bac Ninh province.


Dien Quang pagoda was built in Ly Dynasty. Suffering\r\ndramatically changes of history along with corrosion of passing time, the old\r\nDien Quang pagoda was only the relic. In 1990, with all the residents’ belief\r\nin Buddha, Dien Quang pagoda was built that contained three compartments of the\r\nfourth level in order to form a place where local people had\r\nBuddhist celebration. In 2007, satisfying with the desire to nominate an\r\nabbot, dwellers honorably invited Junior Ven.\r\nThich Tam Quan, on the acceptance of Senior Venerable\r\nThich Chan Tinh, the abbot of Hoang Phap pagoda, together with the\r\nacceptance of Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation in Bac Ninh province\r\nand all level of authorities, the Junior Venerable has had good\r\ncausal condition to be the abbot of Dien Quang pagoda so far.

Thank to great favor of Triple Jewel and dedicated help\r\nof local authorities and the harmony of the monks, Dien Quang pagoda was\r\npermitted the building license. On the first day of April, 2012, the\r\nrestoration ceremony of the Buddha Hall was held in the joy and bliss of\r\nall of the monks and Buddhists. Overcoming the difficulties, the construction\r\nhas been eventually completed as expected. Coming to witness and attend\r\nthe ceremony, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh also gave his encouragement\r\nand advice to the abbot and Buddhists.

The monastery which plays an integral part in religious life\r\ncontributes to educating people to the morality and the best so that they could\r\nlead to a peaceful and happy life. To create a prosperous and\r\ndeveloped society, it is believed that virtuous and talented men are needed.\r\nTherefore, the pagoda should take the responsibility for teaching\r\npeople instead of citing the sutras and respecting the Buddha. The\r\nmost important thing of a pagoda is that the monks ought to keep the\r\nmorality, precepts, and study and research Buddhism, because they are\r\nthe main elements forming the firm foundation of the pagoda. The Senior\r\nVenerable hoped the pagoda would proclaim much more Buddha’s affair and\r\nbecome a place for retreat and cultivation from a large number of\r\nBuddhists.

In the afternoon of the day, the Senior Venerable\r\ntransmitted Sarana-gamana (the Three Refuges) and Panca Veramani (the Five\r\nCommandments) to more than five hundred good men and believing women. In the\r\nceremony, the Senior Venerable taught and explained the most common concepts\r\nfor beginners of Buddhism such as The Triratna Refuge, The Five\r\nCommandments, Repentance, etc. The ceremony ended in the happiness of all the\r\nattendees.


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Buổi lễ Quy Y Tam Bảo

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai.

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