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A Sermon at Van An Monastery and Chuc That Buddhist Family.

Update: 12/04/2015
On April, 11th, 2015, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh wholeheartedly gave a meaningful sermon to nearly 100 Buddhists at Van An monastery which Junior Venerable Thich Thong Anh become the abbot.

A Sermon at Van An Monastery and Chuc That Buddhist Family.


In this sermon, the Senior Venerable suggested that they should\r\nlearn about the Buddha's life to understand His honorable's deeds thoroughly.\r\nFollowing the Buddha's truth and overwhelming His immense mercy, each Buddhist\r\nwill learn the important values of Buddhism and see the right direction to\r\npractice for body and mind transformation as well. A Buddhist who\r\nwholeheartedly trusts in the Three Jewels, always considers the images of the\r\nBuddha, the sangha and the miraculous profoundity of Buddha Dharma as\r\ntheir background, never lose the belief due to some individual\r\nwho deviates into five desires and six objects of senses that induce him\r\nto diverge from Buddhist ideals.

 In the evening, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh gave\r\na heart-warming Buddhist sermon at Chuc That- Chuc Hue Buddhist family and more\r\nthan 200 Buddhists. The Senior Venerable praised the spirit of the efficient\r\nprotection of Dharma  from Chuc That-Chuc Hue Buddhist family. He\r\nsimultaneously reminded them of the images of great lay devotees in the current\r\ntime of the Buddha such as noble Anathapindika and great Danapati Visakha. Both\r\nwere lay people who deserved great credit for supporting Buddhism and\r\nlead many people to accede Buddhism. Nowadays, each Buddhist should take\r\nthat good virtue as their examples to cultivate, lead a religious life\r\nand support Saddharma in order to spread\r\nmore Buddhist moral principles, from which living beings increase\r\nblessings and virtues.

At the end of the talk, listeners were give Dharma presents.


Following are recorded images:


Gia đình Phật tử Chúc Thật

Translated into English by Luong Minh Dieu.

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