Summer Retreat

A Series of Summer Retreat's Photos

Update: 25/06/2014
Somewhere were words written in hurry and phone numbers added hastily. Smiles were still shining on one's face and tears were filled on one's eyes. We were strangers at first sight to say goodbye right after we were intimated. The time seemed to halt, and the space seemed to let us look at each other in silence, to arm each other a hug or a firm handshake in hurry which would be the best ever memory of everyone. During seven days of the tenth, summer retreat in 2014 had just officially ended in regretfulness of students.

A Series of Summer Retreat's Photos


 In the past week, students had gained many\r\nachievements. They had a new awareness about lifestyle, humanity morals, which\r\nwere the necessary luggage for their future thanks to Venerable lectures. Since\r\nthen the Summer Retreat offered them new insights into Buddhism, which is not\r\nonly a religion but also a whole system of valuable morals, and traditional\r\nculture, whose values attached and are suitable for science, life and social\r\ndevelopment.


During seven days practising the Dharma, the students\r\nthemselves calmed down chanting the Sutras. They also understood how valuable\r\ntheir family sentiment and parents’ immeasurable sacrifice was.


In seven days practicing Dharma, there were calm moments\r\nthat the seating, mind, the meditation help look back themselves, tranquilize\r\nmind and soul to lessen troubles and worries. Seven days practicing the Dharma,\r\nate in Right Mindfulness to know the value of food, the labor of farmers who\r\nproduce rice and vegetables. Just through seven days practicing, neither too\r\nlong nor too short but enough for the candidates to refresh, improve their\r\npersonality.


As a result, after The Sumer Retreat, all the students'\r\nluggage was not only clothes, personal items, dharma gifts but a baggage of\r\nmorality, idealism, love, tolerance and warm sentiment from the Monks and Nuns\r\nas well. The dear students would bring the enlightened light to everywhere in\r\nthe world and bring their devoted heart to life.


Below are recorded pictures:


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Translated into English by Thai Nhuoc Don.

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