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A propagation trip in Taiwan.

Update: 28/03/2016
Accepting the invitation of Venerable Thich Tri Phong - the Abbot of Tu Quang temple and Vietnamese Buddhists in Taiwan, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh came to Taiwan to propagate from 26th March to 5th April 2016.

A propagation trip in Taiwan.


In the afternoon of 26th March 2016, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh came to visit Dieu Huyen Buddhist’s house at 54 Vinh My Street, My Bo Tam district, Dao Vien city Taiwan to inquiry Vietnamese fellow countryman’s well-beings and talk about Buddha Dharma. During the lecture, the Senior talked about four unavoidable truth birth, age, sickness and death. Comprehending these principles, Buddhists should be calm, serene in mind to cope with whatever the situation happens in life. Then sympathy to others’ sorrow in order to share, love, protect and help one another in this foreign land.

In the evening, he came and visited Tu Quang temple which Venerable Thich Tri Phong is the Abbot on Van Phuong street, Van Son district, Dai Bac city. The Senior sent the message to all the Buddhists that they should live on the cause and effect principle, using the right understanding to navigate one’s own behaviour. Using the seven treasures as a means to arrive at the enlightened destination in which all materialistic things are all temporary. Therefore, ones should avoid the attraction of them in order to live peacefully like the image of lotus growing radiantly in muddy ponds. At the end of the Dharma talk, some Buddhists took the refuge with Senior Thich Chan Tinh. The propagation ended with gratefully thank to Venerable Thich Tri Phong for his invitation of Hoang Phap Monks to come to Taiwan to propagate. 

In the morning of 27th March 2016, Senior Thich Chan Tich came to have a drama talk for Buddhists at Bao Quang temple, Van Lam district, Dai Trung province, Taiwan - abbot by Nun Thich Nu Thanh Que. The Senior Thich Chan Tinh had a talk about 4 types of people which were bad one turning into worse one, bad one into good one, good one into bad one and good one into better one. Therefore, each Buddhist should catch up him/herself and keep practising Buddha teaching in order to avoid turning into bad one and live a happy life.

In the afternoon, he came to Tue Quang Vietnamese temple in the middle part of Taiwan to preach for more than 100 Buddhists. He taught that Buddhists were born in Buddha’s Dharma; therefore, they should often listen to Dharma, learn Dharma, practise Dharma which were the best way to raise merit soul and be a real Buddhist. Buddhist also should recognized that due to the hard-working of predecessors to serve human beings, Buddhist have lots of opportunities to approach and learn about Triple Gem. Therefore, propagating for the sake of human being was also the responsibility of all Buddhists in order to express their gratitude towards Buddha and all predecessors.

In the evening, the Senior Thich Chan Tinh came to Buddhist’s house at 703 Dai Loan street, Vinh Khang district, Dai Nam city to have a Dharma talk with the fellow Buddhists. Although, they were eager to learn Buddha’s teaching, they still had not had good opportunity to practice being a proper Buddhist. Therefore, the Senior had shared all the basic knowledge about being a Buddhist such as taking refuge, five precepts, being vegetarians, performing good deeds and avoiding bad deeds, worshiping the Buddha. Then, the Senior also encouraged Buddhists to listen to the Dharma, keep track of Hoang Phap monastery’s events in order to support their Buddhist study. He also thanked to Buddhist Tran My Dung who invited and arranged the propagating schedule for Hoang Phap’s monks in Taiwan.

Books “Practice makes perfect” were given to all Buddhists after every Dharma talk. The book contains all the condense message which was written with the Senior’s heart wishing, which would help readers with a good knowledge about Buddha’s Dharma, keep practising Dharma for a better happier life.

 Below are some recorded pictures:

TT. Thích Chân Tính thuyết giảng tại đạo tràng tư gia Phật tử Diệu Huyền - Đài Bắc


TT. Thích Chân Tính thuyết giảng và Quy y tại chùa Từ Quang – Đài Bắc


TT. Thích Chân Tính Thuyết giảng tại chùa Bảo Quang – Đài Trung


TT. Thích Chân Tính thuyết giảng tại chùa Việt Nam đạo tràng Tuệ Quang – Đài Trung


TT. Thích Chân Tính thuyết giảng tại địa chỉ 703 đường Đại Loan, khu Vĩnh Khang, thành phố Đài Nam.

Translated into English by Thai Nhuoc Don.

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