Summer Retreat

6th Day of the Retreat: Following Triratna

Update: 16/07/2017
Our current life is only a short stage in the samsara cycle. Life by life, we enjoy the fruit of past deeds and sow deeds for future. We meet one another thanks to the compounded conditions.

6th Day of the Retreat: Following Triratna


On the sixth day of summer retreat, youths listened to the Dharma talk with the topic: "Do not Blame the Fate" by Venerable Thich An Dat, reporter for Giac Ngo Journal, Ho Chi Minh City.

Things in the world happen or appear thanks to compounded conditions that help us meet and connect to one another. Compounded conditions are created by ourselves or others. It is called good chance when we meet one another, feel happy and together go on the good way. Otherwise, Buddhism calls it challenging opportunity when we meet, work and live together but cannot have same vision, harmonization and cannot make one another happy.

Although chances can be made by each of us. It is necessary for chance maker to follow the progress making things happen at the right time instead of hurriedly forcing it.

Fate: is the current situation, the status we are living in.

A good fate/opportunity is built on the basis of four factors:

+ Same vision of ideal: the individual and companions have the same vision and ideal, together go on the good way.

+ Same vision of compassion and giving out: we and our companions have the same way of compassion, how to perform it, are ready to share with others and shy away from selfishness.

+ Same vision of knowledge and intellection based on ethic fundamentals.

+ Have same vision of faith and trust one another.

Therefore, we should not sit there to blame the fate but positively live and cultivate good deeds for happiness and bright future in life.

During the five days of practice in the retreat, imbued with the Buddha teachings, the youths have realized the right place to refuge, and the great spiritual values that Buddhism brought to this life. In the afternoon, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, Abbot of Hoang Phap Pagoda, head of organizing committee, and monks of Hoang Phap pagoda held the Buddhism refuging rite (taking refuge in Triratna and five precepts for lay Buddhists) to the aspirants in the main hall. He praised the spirit of young aspirants for their right selection taking refuge in Triratna. According to Buddha, it is difficult to be human, it is more difficult to be sound person, and it is ultimate merit to follow Triratna and study Buddha’s teachings.

After being Buddhist, youths should not exchange Buddhism spiritual values/ideal of life for money or love. Then true bliss and happiness in the spirit of Buddhism will come accordingly now and in the future.

In the evening, after 6 days studying and going through two rounds, each team chose two best candidates to join the final round of Dhammapada contest. With the enthusiasm encouragement from an audience of more than 2,000 youths, the final round was very exciting and elating. The winners of the final round and prizes will be announced and awarded in the Mature Ceremony on the last day of the retreat.

Following are the recorded photographs:

Dhamma talk "Do not blame the fate"


Taking Refuge in Triratna


 Final Round of Dhammapada Contest


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