Summer Retreat

3rd day of the 7-Day Retreat Course "Back to Peaceful Place"

Update: 19/07/2016
In the morning July 16th, 2016, more than 900 youths joining the summer retreat 2016 in Hoa Phuc Pagoda, Thach Hoa commune, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi City have started their third day of practicing with peaceful and happy energy.

3rd day of the 7-Day Retreat Course


After two days at first moment of unfamiliar feelings, today, they get used to meditative environment in the Pagoda. Just hearing the temple chime sounding early in the morning, the students voluntarily get up to make beds, tidy themselves up, and do morning exercises in the pagoda yard. After that, they fastly gather at the conference hall for the morning praying time. Everything runs smoothly and quietly.


In the third morning, the students was so excited waiting for the moments of welcoming and Dhhamma Talk from Nun Thich Nu Huong Nhu, Buddhism Doctor, abbess of Thien Quang Pagoda – Binh Duong Province, who has a strong influence in the Youth and is dubbed beloved nicknames as “Sister Idol”, “."the 2nd mother – Nun Thich Nu Huong Nhu"


Passing thousands of kilometers back to Hoa Phuc temple in “Xu Doai”, her homeland, "Sister Idol" can not hide her feelings as an returning expatriate.


Her heart emotionally beats when memories rush back. She can feel the peaceful environment at her homeland and it is also the reason for the topic of her dhamma talk to the Youth "Return peaceful place."


During the lecture, the Nun has explained the audience the true meaning of "peaceful place". A large, comfortable and luxury house or even a modern resort can not be a peaceful place if we do not have a peaceful mind.


The lecturer has been very delighted and happy to see nearly 1000 youths having the right choice joining the 7-Day Retreat Course. They can pause their appearance in an impermanent and false world, the virtual world of Facebook, online game, to focus on practicing to have a peaceful mind and search for the Truth.


The helpful lessons of compassion, honesty, self-discipline have been attached in her talk. These have equipped the audience with more knowledge and experience in future.


Let's light up the belief in love, feel and enjoy parents’ love because it is the seeds of peace in our hearts. It was the final lesson from the Nun’s dhamma talk which made lots of teardrops of regret, of gratitude falling on faces.


In the afternoon, based on the invitation of Venerable Thich Tam Hoa – Abbot of Hoa Phuc Pagoda, Mr. Bui Huu Duoc, head of Buddhism Department - The Government Committee for Religious Affairs has come to Hoa Phuc Pagoda to share with students the topic "What does practice mean for the Youth?"


He said: “We should practice the Buddha’s teaching to have peace in the present and future. Practice means fixing the thoughts, actions, words to be better. We are lucky enough to be born as human being, hence we should try our best to practice right now for better future. The younger, healthier we are, the more practice we should try.


To practice effectively, we should have the right approach. The youth should diligently practice and promote in daily life, in religious and secular life. In term of religious life, we should respect and do the offering to the Triratna, frequently go to Pagoda for chanting sutta and performing penitence to our bad behaviors, eat vegan, and renovate our body and mind. In term of secular life, we should change our words, mind, and behaviors to be better matching with the Buddhist title. We should love, help and share with others, sowing good seeds for people to know the practice. Those youths going to Pagoda and practice will have a peaceful, carefree life right now in this world although there are too much suffering out there.


Dozens of questions relating to youth’s practice, going to temples were answered by him. With friendly, close and open manners in exchanges, Mr. Bui Huu Duoc sent the youths many meaningful messages as:

"Let's practice Buddha’s teaching for peace in life";

"Peaceful mind will bring peace," "Work must also remember what its consequences."


Before the end of the 3rd day of practice, the youths had joined the contest "Hoa Phuc's Got Talent". Interesting and unique performances brought the laughter, relaxed moments to dear audience.

Following are some recorded photographs from the third day of the retreat:

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