Buddhism & Youth

"Understanding and Compassion" - Student Summer Retreat 2017
Student Summer Retreat has been one of the interested Buddhism activities of Hoang Phap Pagoda for...
Fear as only a thing of the past - Part 1
If someone asks you: "What are you most afraid of?" Will you keep silent or answer?
One – Day Cultivation for the young at Gia Lam – Tinh Phap Pagoda
On Sunday of July 2nd, 2017 (lunar June 9th, Rooster Year) Giai Lam – Tinh Phap Pagoda organized...
One Day Retreat for Students
On Sunday Jul 02, 2017, nearly 800 students from universities, colleges and high schools from Ho...
One Day Retreat for Students
Today May 21, 2017 (April 26, lunar calendar), more than 1.300 youths from universities and...
Happiness To You! (Part 3)
"By love, but without understanding, it hurts your loved ones to suffer. Therefore, understanding...
Happiness to you (Part 2)
“Have you ever felt happy thanks to others’ happiness? If not, you should try once, the feeling is...
Sending You Happiness (Part 1)
Do you know that at the first time when our ancestors appeared on earth, they always lived with...
Sunshine Juice
"Creamy but creamless juice makes a smooth and colorful start to the day."
19 Poisons To Your Happiness– Ending Part
16. Your unhappiness can stem from unchecked mental health. If you suffer from anxiety or...
19 Poisons To Your Happiness – Part 3
11. Your dishonesty can dampen happiness. If you are a dishonest person, chances are you have...
19 Poisons To Your Happiness – Part 2
6. Your fear can hold a person back from experiencing true happiness. Ralph Waldo Emerson said...