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Meditation tea at the end of the year of "Meeting together on Tet holiday" at Hoa Phuc pagoda – Hanoi
Returning beside Master, the mass enjoyed tea, breathed, and laughed together. It was a happy and...
The Autumn - East camp of "belief & ideal Hoa Phuc"
From Dec. 01st, to 2nd, 2018 (lunar Oct. 25th, to 26th, the year of dog) Hoa Phuc pagoda at Hoa...
Students One-Day Practice
On Sep. 30th, 2018, about 1000 University students came to Hoang Phap for attending One-Day...
Photo Collection of Summer Retreat 2018
Following are the recorded photographs of Summer Retreat 2018.
ummer Retreat on The Last Day: Go Home
August 4th, 2018 (June 23rd, Lunar Calendar), is the last day of the summer retreat course.
Summer Retreat 2018 on the 6th Day: Looking back at Yourself
Today August 8th, 2018, (June 22nd, Lunar Calendar) a Dharm sharing was preached by Ven. Thich Nu...
Summer Retreat on the 5th Day: Way of Living
August 2nd, 2018 (June 21st, Lunar Calendar), is the 5th day of the retreat course.
Final Night of “Hoang Phap’s Got Talent”- Summer Retreat 2018
Exciting – joyful – and impressional Gameshow, are what we can say about the final night of Hoang...
Summer Retreat on the 4th Day: The Path of Happiness
August 1st, 2018 is the fourth day of the course. Today a Dharma talk was preached by Ven. Thich...
Summer Retreat on the 3rd Day: “Hey, Stranger!”
Summer Retreat on the 3rd day (July 31st, 2018) all students listened to a Dharma sharing from Ven....
Summer Retreat 2018 on the Second Day: “Who am I?
On July 30th, 2018 (June 18th, Lunar Calendar), the summer retreat is on the second day. In the...
Summer Retreat 2018 – The First Day
In the morning of July 29th, 2018, the Summer Retreat 2018 officially started. As usual, all...