Buddhism & Youth

Good Speech, Good Heart
There is a proverb that says “An ox is taken by the horns, and a man by the tongue.” which means...
Beloved Summer: Day 4 – Plan to Change People and Night Incident
Therefore, we lived in a large family which is full of love.
How to keep one’s mind peaceful?
In the history Zen Buddhism there is a story about between Bodhidharma, the first Patriach of...
Beloved Summer: Day 3 (Part 2) - A new day
Talking about numbers, the official notice is: "From number 1 to 1040 will be in the main area."
Kẻ trí làm điều ác, tội báo nhỏ - Người ngu làm điều ác tội báo lớn
Beloved Summer: Day 03 (part 1) – Place when Time Stops
….the place when time stops…. no worries about the past, no thought about the future...
Summer Beloved: The 2nd Day - The Mysterious Figures
The day we had waited for a long time reached. We arrived in a place named “Happiness”.
Students’ retreat
Hoang Phap Pagoda held a Dharma day for students on June 07th, 2015 (LunarApril 21st Goat Year)....
Human life gets bitter fruits
As a human, no one wants to suffer, all want to be happy, so the psychology of avoiding the evil to...
Beloved summer: Day 1 - Strange Case in Hotel
If an event in our life is a color then my journey is a crystal clear pearl.
Karma and Subconscious.
In the words of Buddhism, the lost control of human’s behavior and spirit has a close relationship...
Ten benefits of a vegetarian diet to health and beauty.
Being on a vegetarian diet is often misunderstood as a form of ascetic practices which is supplied...