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The Seventh Day of the Summer Retreat – Ups and Downs of Emotions
The 11th Summer Retreat in 2015 was coming to its end. Lessons from lectures, experience, spiritual...
The Sixth Day of the Summer Retreat - Land of the spirits.
The time still pass hastily, the last days of the retreat is coming.
The Fifth Day of the Summer Retreat - Lighting the fires of love - raking up the passion.
Accepting the invitation from Organizational group of pagoda, the Dharma expounders and the special...
The Fourth Day of Summer Retreat , S- Buddhist’s Talent
Eventful, exciting and full of surprises; those are the feelings from the young participants in the...
The third day of summer cultivation retreat – living experience and living lesson.
For each of long trip or journal we all get interesting living lesson. That is the lesson of facing...
The Summer Retreat – Crying after Smiling.
In normal days, there is only the sound of bamboo brooms when the monks and the Buddhists are...
Summer Retreat 2015- Special Retreat for Students
Being finished a long time of hard-working, another summer has come again in the general joy for...
Ninth day - Go home.
The meal took place in unusual silence this morning. The first time our hearts were full of emotion...
Beloved Summer: Eighth Day - The Feeling.
... Each image, sound would be memories but would not be limbo...
Beloved Summer: Seventh Day - Going through the Rainy Days.
On recently days, the word that was focused on is ‘hot news’.
Beloved Summer: 6th Day - B plan.
The next day we sat to the same seats because of thinking that the opponents would not be able to...
Beloved Summer: 5th Day - The face to face round.
Then we knew that the incident last night was due to the drainage system, but we did not bother...