Buddhism & Society

The custom of burying he dead in the trunk, and cave in Indonesia
If a baby die when its teeth are not grown, the Toraja in Indonesia will bury its body into a tree...
Desolation after super typhoons in Pacific
Super tropical typhoons Pam is known as one of the strongest hurricane in Pacific, which causes...
Dog Fighting Festival in China
Dogs bite to the last breath to entertain people in Northern China during the Spring Festival.
Vietnamese Antique Film Studio – Dream Is Coming True
Covered by the green immensity of Yen Tu’s sacred forests, gradually formed a Vietnam’s ancient...
Suy nghiệm lời Phật dạy - Quả báo vu khống bậc Thánh
Myanmar, the Land of Sacred Buddhism.
Among thousands of pagodas in Myanmar, the most famous pagodas are the Golden Shwedagon pagoda and...
Nhận thức của con người khi chết lâm sàng
Discovering the largest Buddhism’s festival in Thailand.
Sự thất bại của Tăng già Nhật Bản và những bài học
The universe is an altar
… The altar of Buddhism-conscious people is the universe. If people know clearly and apply it fully...
Discussion about Star Offering Relieving Ones’ Run of Bad Luck
On some days of the beginning of Lunar New Year, many people come to pagodas or horoscopes to find...
Germs live from Buddha land
By far, the Hoang Phap Pagoda heard about but had never set foot, whether living in this city....