Introduction to the printed cultural publication named HUONG PHAP

Following the first printed cultural publication of Hoang Phap Pagoda, the second one was officially appeared. In the inner wish aiming at transshipping the Buddha’s teachings, recommending the moral philosophies from the sages and saints, as well as the various forms of human culture full of philosophy to our readers, we would like to send you the second publication of ours although it was not fully prepared yet, both in its contents and in forms. We just sent it to you with the intention that it would be an intermediary hyphen between us and far and near readers so that we both might be closer to the dharma. Since then, we might exchange our knowledge in the hope that the lofty and beautiful values will penetrate our mind, ultimately leading to peace for our spiritual life.

The pieces of writing in various forms appearing in this publication will surely bring you different experience and consciousness. Each of the columns is closely connected to each topic although it is in any writing form  -  it summarizes the matter to be mentioned, expressed and/or shared by writers  -  those are the beautiful traits of moral principles hidden in our thoughts, our mentality  -  and only through the written pages these traits can be conveyed to the public.

Beautiful cultural traits cannot be separated from those of human beings, for the fact that beautiful human traits always originate from lofty souls. If possible, we hope that this humble printed matter will become a concomitant to our readers, travelling together with them on the road oriented to the lofty true, the good and the beautiful.

We hope that though with its humble contents, our readers will find in it some meaningful and applicable references for themselves.

The Board of Cultural Affairs of Hoang Phap Pagoda.